This Is Fukushima.

Responses to the Calendar

Each year we send as many calendars as we can around to world to almost any address we can find for people who are in positions to change minds about Fukushima. Recipients include the 29th US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy; the 39th President of the US, Jimmy Carter; President Barak Obama; all Japanese consulates and embassies; Prime Ministers; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; most major TV networks and newspapers; and many more.



Second Home

We were there before, during, and after the triple disaster and it really hurts to hear people have an uneducated view of Fukushima.


Lack of Knowledge

We do not deny the disaster or the severity of the radiation. We do, however, deny the entire prefecture is completely devastated by the disaster.

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The Akabeko

The Akabeko

Everything we do, is for the Akabeko. The unofficial symbol of Fukushima has a constantly bobbing head. When asked if Fukushima is rebuilding, he always nods 'yes'.

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