Exploring Fukushima

Paul, Mitch, Joost, Kevin, Matthew, Chandan


Much progress has been made restoring the coastal areas of Fukushima that were devastated by the 2011 triple-disaster. Gradually; people are returning to areas that were once abandoned and communities continue to rebuild - but the reality of coping with the aftermath of the disaster continues to be a daunting task. Recently, a plan was enacted out of necessity to release treated coolant water from storage at the Dai-ichi nuclear plant into the ocean. The treated water is being diluted to reduce tritium levels to about one-seventh of the level stated in the World Health Organization's guidelines for drinking water quality. Despite these measures, certain nations have decided to respond disproportionately with economic sanctions against Japan and Fukushima in particular. The effort to restore Fukushima's reputation continues to be an uphill battle, but it is one that the people of Fukushima are determined to win. This is our goal. This is our promise.
This is Fukushima.

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