10 years of This is Fukushima

Paul, Mitch, Joost, Kevin, Matthew, Chandan


In the aftermath of the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami, Fukushima's agriculture and tourism suffered greatly. Months of rumors and misunderstanding being spread around the world through mainstream and social media took a heavy toll on the people of Fukushima. The name Fukushima would instantly bring to mind a nuclear accident, without any understanding that it is also the name of a large prefecture of which the Daiichi incident affected only a small part. Sometimes, when visiting other areas of Japan, Fukushima residents themselves were ostracized because of fears that they were possibly contaminated.
After seeing this go on for more than a year, three friends sat down together one day and wondered what they could do to help improve Fukushima Prefecture's reputation. Eventually they decided to create a wall calendar full of real images of Fukushima. It could be mounted on a wall all year, and each month people would see and learn something new and factual about our beautiful prefecture.
From the humble beginnings of that first calendar, our project has grown considerably over the past decade. This year, we are proud to present to you our 10th anniversary edition. While looking through the calendar in the coming months, we hope that you will always remind yourself:
This is Fukushima!

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